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We are a Swiss based family business, specialised on distribution of Indo-Asian furniture. You will find shabby chic, vintage style items and real antique pieces as well as a combination of both, e.g. a newly designed and built cupboard with old doors. 

Our speciality is to customise or particularly create furniture based on your specific needs, adorned with beautiful Indo-Asian designs (if you wish). As a result you will then get a one in a kind piece of furniture.

Thanks to our trusted partner network in India, that works without any middle-men, we are able to offer authentic products at attractive rates usually below prices charged elsewhere. Even the indo-wood-ualized furniture, that is custom built for you, comes at prices that are in line with those for non custom made furniture at other locations.

Please have a look around our website and use the contact form or call us in case we have caught your interest and you want to discuss further.

We purposely are not maintaining an online shop as we believe in the power of the personal exchange. So please get in touch in case you have seen anything you like. For the process of individualization  or how we would call it, indo-wood-ualization, a personal meeting is indispensable anyways.


To give you an idea of what you can buy from us, we have collected a few photos in our gallery section. In our catalog you will furthermore find selected pieces from our collection with price tags. Here you will also find special offers!

We have also added  a separate section on our page that describes the different steps of indo-wood-ualization starting from choosing the right wood type that suits taste and wallet. 

After selecting the timber, you then need to decide on the design to finally discuss with us exact measures and conceptualise the furniture. 

We are looking forward hearing from you!

Your Indo-Wood-ualize Team!

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