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This element of our name stands for the origin of our woods and furniture. We focus on Asia and driven by our roots and background, for the start mainly on the Indian subcontinent.

We cherish the diversity and contrasts this country offers. Be it the combination of modern  styles with tradition, the Indian artwork or the many special types of wood. The impossible is possible if you have enough time and the right contacts.


Have you noticed the brush or chalk like pattern in our logo and on some headers? It stands for part of our offering, i.e. the shabby chic or vintage looking items. We love this style, especially of course if it comes by real age in antique pieces but even if it is made look old, we find it very special. 

We believe as with everything in life, the right amount is the key. If you would check out our own furniture, you would find a combination of vintage pieces, real antique furniture combined with very modern elements.  

The same holds true for our offering. You choose the style and decide what you want to order.


Make it your own. The option of being able to customise your Indo furniture is probably the main differentiator to other offerings where you can buy such type of furniture. As described in our "indo-wood-ualization" section, we help you to get to your own unique piece of furniture. You are free to chose, size, material and designs.


We love wood and the specific structures the different types have. While we are offering one or the other item not made out of wood as well, our clear focus is on wooden furniture with unique patterns and designs.

Btw. have you noticed the representation of a saw in the "d" of the word "wood" in our logo?

You should also check out the wood section on our page, providing you with information about the available timbers and their attributes.


Have you noticed the star in the "i" of "ualize"? It is a symbolic placeholder for all those beautiful Indian designs we fell in love with. There is a selection of more than 500 designs to chose from. Whether you like it squiggled or rather simple, there is something for every taste.

As unobtrusive as the star, you can of course also chose to not have a special design. Same as with the style, you tell us your choice, we get it done.


The word "do" is an implicit element of our name. In Hindi "do" means two. We also have the word "dual" as part of the name. One could say we have two times two in the name. In our interpretation, this can be seen as a metaphor for the fusion of two cultures of Asia and Europe on one hand side as well as for the joint process of creating your one of a kind furniture between you as a customer and us as the producers.

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